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We are the Young Democrats of Puerto Rico

About Us

Our Mission

We, the Young Democrats of Puerto Rico, in order to stimulate in young people in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans, and other Hispanics across the United States of America an active interest in governmental affairs and promote their involvement in the political process; to promote the acquisition of political power by young people; to promote the policies and practices which are consistent with the advancement of democracy and legislation and policies that are important to young people; to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; to increase the efficiency of popular government and to provide the highest degree of justice and social welfare for the citizen of our country; and to serve as a voice for young people within the Democratic Party, do associate ourselves together and establish this Chapter.

Our Principles

What We Believe

We believe that the Democratic Party of the United States of America, with its great diversity, its historic role in being the voice for the needs of the Hispanic community, and its instinctive responsiveness to the human needs and aspirations, is the adequate instrument to provide the leadership demanded in the challenging times we live. We further believe that the Democratic Party responds to the needs of the people of Puerto Rico and will provide our people a responsible and responsive government.

What We Stand For

Furthermore, We Believe

  • In a society where the rights of all Hispanics and minorities are fully secured and where no one is denied the opportunity for a better quality of life;
  • In a society where both public and private discrimination based upon race, sex, age, color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, economic status or physical disability are condemned and where our government moves aggressively to end such discrimination through lawful means;
  • That government functions best when it is closest to the people;
  • That all Democrats are bound to defend and protect the founding principles of our Party;
  • We stand for individual freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens;
  • In a society where the elderly, the veterans and the disabled can lead lives of dignity;
  • In a society where all workers are guaranteed without question the right to join unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively for decent wages and conditions of employment; and
  • In a society a sound education, proper nutrition, quality medical care, affordable housing, safe streets, and a healthy environment are possible for every citizen.
  • That education is a right and must be made accessible to everyone;
  • That people of the LGBTQ community must reach full rights;
  • That women deserve equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity, as well as autonomy over their own bodies;
  • That must conduct ourselves as a vehicle for the development and training of young Democrats as leaders and provide them with the tools to serve the people and advance the ideals of the Democratic Party;
  • We believe in and defend in the decolonization of Puerto Rico and that we must fight to achieve full equality as American citizens.